David Lindau

Control at Every Turn
The MoVI Ecosystem has redefined what a small crew can accomplish in a day. With Freeflys new Wheels system, they simplify the combination of cutting edge cinema robots with classic controls.

Personalize your Setup
MoVI Wheels feature a modular, adjustable mounting system that allows the user to quickly position each wheel module for maximum comfort. Easily adjust wheel friction, gear ratios, and toggle wheel modules on the fly.

Precision meets Simplicity
MoVI Wheels are optimised to work seamlessly with the MoVI ecosystem. When you switch to wheels control, MoVI parameters automatically adjust to give the most connected, precise and repeatable feel possible.

Expandable Architecture
MoVI Wheels feature a high-speed CAN network that allows you to add up to 9 modules to the system—control Pan / Tilt / Roll / Focus / Iris / Zoom as well as just about any future control input in Freeflys robotics ecosystem.

MoVI Wheels

MoVI Wheels

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