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Anders Johansson

Aladdin Lights are introudcing 3 new lights. 

U-LITE - U-LITE might be the smallest practical light in the world.

CAPE-LITE - CAPE-LITE is truly incredible. It is a flexible 120W bi-color LED light for special use.

WHIP-LITE - This flexible bi-color LED panel is designed to fill the gaps.

Simon Pettersson

Introducing ATEM Mini Pro ISO and ATEM Streaming Bridge!

ISO recording on all inputs enabling you to open and edit your live events.

Streaming Bridge to send video to remote location over local network or globally.

Simon Pettersson

All new 4K HDR Production monitors from SmallHD.

The versatile SmallHD 4K Production series of monitors combines the 4K HDR post-production viewing experience with the rugged construction needed for physical production environments. Stunning color reproduction. Extreme contrasts with infinite blacks and pristine highlights. SmallHD 4K Production monitors are the ultimate solution for a total end-to-end 4K workflow.
Finally, you can see every detail.

Simon Pettersson

In addition to Blackmagics ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel two new models has been released!

Introducing 2 new massive control panels for all ATEM switchers!

David Lindau

Upgrade deals! contact us if you want to trade in your old Joker Bug kit for discount on a new Joker Bug2 kit.

Total 120 items
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