Mattias Jonsson

The new ACE M Mk II and ACE XL Mk II are among the lightest-weight tripod systems on the market, but still offer the key features that have made Sachtler the industry standard for professional lightweight camera supports — smooth camera movement and maximum stability.

The Ace M Mk II system offers broadcast quality camera support in a lightweight and simple system. Weighing in at 4,4kg and able to support payloads of 0 to 4 kg, Ace Mk II systems include an aluminium tripod with carry handle and choice of spreader.

The Ace XL Mk II delivers consistent performance for heavier digital cine-style cameras. It supports payloads from 0 to 8kg with an extra four steps of counterbalance to quickly balance larger and more accessorised rigs. Ace XL features an illuminated level bubble plus a removable threaded stud for users to easily swap from a tripod to a slider. The head is available in a range of tripod systems, including options with flowtech75, the world’s fastest tripod.