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Alpha 300 LED Bi-Color

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Alpha 300 LED Bi-Color

Alpha 300 is built around K5600 exclusive 14mm LES (Light Emitting Surface) allowing for perfect light-to-lens ratios, assisted by PlanoConvex optics that direct more light forward, leading to a brighter and more even light. The Alpha 300 delivers crisp Fresnel highlight/shadow quality comparable to tradition tungsten or HMI lights

K5600’s unique 600W Bi-Color matrix LED chip
100 lumen/watt output and 95+ CRI capability
300W max output (from 2700 - 6500° K)
Wired and wireless DMX compatibility, using Lumen Radio’s protocol
2,7 m Head Cable
Smoothly adjustable beam angle from 5-55°.
175 mm diameter lens is removable for an even sharper light
Studio version (available on request): control Pan, tilt, focus

Included items

  • Included items:
    Alpha 300 Led
    Ballast 300
    Barndoor Joker
    Extension 7,50 M


  • Specification:
    Alpha 300 Head
    LES (Light Emitting System) 14mm - 600W
    300 Watt from 2700 to 6500K
    Head weight: 5,4 kg
    Head dimension: 290 × 280 × 350 mm
    Fresnel diameter: 175 mm
    Fresnel Beam angle: 5°-55°
    Silent cooling fan system: regulated to light intensity.
    Spigot diameter: 16 mm

    300 watt Single Ballast LED
    all components and controls are contained in this compact case.
    LCD screen displays output functions: 2700 - 6500° K color temperature control, 1 - 100% dimming, DMX selection/termination and auto sensing (the ballast knows the wattage required for connected fixtures and automatically delivers the appropriate energy)
    Direct 48V DC input capable and PWM square wave modulated
    Micro USB for firmware upgrades and diagnosis is included