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amaran Light Dome mini SE

Partno: AMA-6971842186822
SEK 838


amaran Light Dome mini SE

The Light Dome Mini SE is amarans first Bowens Mount soft light modifier. It transforms point-source lighting fixtures such as the amaran 150c and 300c into a soft yet directional light source.

The Light Dome Mini SE maximizes soft light output by harnessing the shape of a deep parabolic softbox with an octagonal front design and highly reflective silver inner lining. This design allows for an even light output with a smooth luminance transition from the outputs center to its edges. This gives users the ability to evenly light subjects and large spaces without having to worry about hotspots.

Key Features

- Quick-Setup Compact Bowens Mount Octagonal Softbox
- Diffuse and Soften Hard Point-Source Lighting Fixtures
- Quick Release Rod Design For Fast Setup & Tear Down Time
- Ultra Lightweight (0.73kg / 1.61lbs)
- 8-Sided Construction
- Deep Parabolic Design for Even Light Output
- Silver Reflective Inner Lining Maximizes Light Output
- 1.5 Stop Front Diffusion Cloth
- Included Inner Baffle
- Universal Bowens Accessory Mount
- Included Carrying Case

Included items

  • Included items:
    - 1x Light Dome Mini SE
    - 1x 1..5 Stop Diffusion Cloth
    - 1x Inner Baffle Diffusion
    - 1x Carrying Case