amaran Spotlight SE Iris

Partno: AMA-6971842187256
SEK 593


amaran Spotlight SE Iris

The Spotlight SE Iris is an all-metal 18-leaf iris insert that controls the beam size of the Spotlight SE. The Iris simply slots into a cutout located on the top of the SpotlightSE and its aperture is controlled via a lever.
With 18 iris blades, the resulting aperture when closing and opening the Spotlight SE Iris is a perfectly circular shape, which preserves the circular illumination area that an unmodified SpotlightSE outputs.
The Spotlight SE Iris is particularly useful in situations that require varying beam sizes of focused light. By closing the iris aperture, users can achieve a smaller illumination output circle from their Spotlight SE. This makes changing the size of the illuminated area quick and easy without the need to move or refocus the SpotlightSE.

Key Features

- 18-Leaf Iris Insert for Spotlight SE
- Control Beam Output Size Via Lever
- Lightweight All-Metal Design (78g / 0.2lbs)
- Compatible with amaran Spotlight SE & Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom

Included items

  • Included items:
    - Spotlight SE Iris