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Aputure Accent B7c

Partno: APU-6971842180622
SEK 941


Aputure Accent B7c

The Accent B7c is the only RGBWW color-mixing LED Smart Bulb for filmmakers with a built-in battery. Packing a CCT range of 2,000K-10,000K, CRI/TLCI scores of 95+, and a SSI(Tungsten) score of 85 into a light bulb form factor, the Accent B7c allows you to more naturally integrate programmable, color-mixing, practical lighting into any scene.

First color mixing smart bulb. Utilizing Aputures unique RGBWW LED configuration, the Accent B7c can produce over 90% of saturated colors in the Rec.2020 color space, and can match nearly any white light source via Sidus Links SourceMatch feature.

Industry-first design. The Accent B7c is the only LED smart bulb to include both on-board control buttons and an internal battery (70 minutes @ max output), making toggling between CCT presets and adjusting brightness incredibly simple in any scenario.

Key Features

- 7W RGBWW LED Smart Bulb
- Standard E26/E27 Light Bulb Socket
- Built-In Lithium-Polymer Battery (70+ Min. @ Max Output)
- Fully Tunable CCT from 2,000K-10,000K
- CRI: 95+, TLCI: 96+, SSI(Tungsten): 85, SSI(D55): 74
- RGB Color Tunability with HSI Controls
- Stepless Dimming from 0-100% with No Color Shift
- 9 Built-In Lighting FX
- Sidus Link App Compatible
- Two Power Supply Modes: Standard/AC Mode & Battery/DC Mode
...and more!

Included items

  • Included items:
    - 1x Accent B7c RGBWW LED Bulbs
    - 1x Carrying Pouch