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Aputure LS 60d (EU version)

Partno: APU-6971842181230
SEK 4036


Aputure LS 60d (EU version)

The LS 60d is a battery-powerable, daylight-balanced (5,600K), adjustable focusing LED. Using precision aspherical optics, the LS 60d can achieve a 15degr.-45degr. spot/flood beam angle with a flexible output of 54,300+ lux in full spot, or 9.014+ lux in flood mode. The LS 60d also provides high-quality, color-accurate LEDs to all filmmakers, with CRI/TLCI scores of 95+ and an SSI(D56) of 72.

Flexible power solutions for half and full output. The LS 60d is a light designed to solve problems in ways no other fixture can. The modular V-Mount Receiver on its yoke can hold all of its power options for fast and compact operation, including the AC adapter, D-Tap (V-Mount) Batteries, and the intelligent Dual NP-F Battery Plate.

Bowens Mount adaptability. In addition to being a focusable LED fixture, complete with its 8-Leaf Barndoors, the LS 60d is compatible with soft light modifiers via its included Bowens Mount Adapter, such as the Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom and LS 60 Softbox (sold separately).

Key Features

- 15degr.-45degr. Adjustable Spot/Flood Beam Angle
- 54,300+ lux @ 1m in Full Spot (15degr.)
- 5,600K CCT
- Weatherproof (Dust and Water Resistant)
- Use 1 NP-F Battery for Half Power; 2 NP-F Batteries for Full Power
- D-Tap Battery Operable
- V-Mount Receiver on Yoke
- Sidus Link Mobile App Control
- Spotlight Mini Zoom and LS 60 Softbox Compatibility with Custom Bowens Mount Adapter
...and more!

Included items

  • Included items:
    - 1x LS 60d Lamp Head
    - 1x LS 60 8-Leaf Barndoors
    - 1x Power Supply
    - 1x AC IEC Power Cable
    - 1x Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate Adapter for LS 60
    - 1x D-Tap Power Cable (4-Pin)
    - 1x Bowens Mount to LS 60 Adapter
    - 1x Carrying Case