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Astra IP 2x1 Bi-Color LED Panel

Partno: LP-936-2101
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Astra IP 2x1 Bi-Color LED Panel

All-Weather Performance
The industry's best-selling Bi-Color LED panel has evolved. Astra IP is tough and water-resistant, delivering intense output in lightweight 1x1, half-size and 2x1 fixtures with fast set up for high-performance broadcast lighting in demanding environments.

Power and Punch
Lighting for even the brightest location. With ultra-efficient LEDs and a tight beam angle, Astra IP produces output with impact. Command powerful, flattering, and accurate white light at any intensity, with or without diffusion. Adjust from 2,700K to 6,500K with instant confirmation on the clear LCD screen to match multiple fixtures with confidence.

Ready for Action
From the studio to the street, Astra IP always performs. Rated IP65, Astra IP defies rain, dust, or snow, for seamless operation, whatever the weather. Built tough with an integrated power supply, and optional Gold Mount, V-Mount and BP-U battery plates, Astra IP is the fast fixture that never backs down in any conditions.

Astra IP 2x1
Astra IP 2x1 delivers practical and high-quality white light for indoor and outdoor productions. The powerful 5,500 lux output of Astra IP 2x1 at 10ft/3m provides flexibility for diffusion or positioning at a distance. The optional Astra IP DMX module allows for precise control in a grid, while its IP65 rating and low 250W power draw allow use in tough outdoor conditions.

Key Features

- Built tough: IP65-rated Bi-Color panel with 3-year warranty.
- Powerful performance: High-output, intense beam.
- True to life: Accurate color, with no shift at any intensity.
- Control with confidence: Dual-dial system with LCD screen information.
- Quick setup: Lightweight, designed for mounted or handheld operation.
- Off-grid ready: Optional weatherproof battery brackets.
- Control options: Integrated Bluetooth for app control. Optional Astra IP DMX module.
- Customizable: Diffusion panel included with optional accessories.


Included items

  • Included items:
    - 1pcs Astra IP 2x1 Bi-Color LED Panel (Standard Yoke, EU Power Cable)
    - 1pcs Astra IP 2x1 Medium Diffuser (937-0025)


  • Specification:
    Width:   68,7cm / 27in
    Height:   42,6cm / 16,8in
    Depth:   12,3cm / 4,8in
    Weight:   7,8kg / 17,2lb
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