BPU 2-Channel Fast Charger (16.8V) - 3A

Partno: HW-BP-MX2
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BPU 2-Channel Fast Charger (16.8V) - 3A

MX BPU range 2-channel charger, is fitted with Hawk-Woods new mini casing! The BP-MX2 is now more compact which reduces the weight thats accompanied by travel chargers.

The BP-MX2 is housed within ABS ventilated casing; eliminating the need for internal fans to keep high temperatures at bay, while also reducing the noise of a spinning fan.

The casing also provides a recessed LED display for battery indication on the MX2 charger.
Worldwide mains input voltage 100-240V DC
Offers - 3A charging

This is a simultaneous charger so you can expect to have both batteries ready faster!

Power on = Solid Red
Charging = Solid Orange
80% Charge = Flashing Green/Orange
Fully Charged = Solid Green

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  • Specification:
    Model: BP-MX2
    Type: BPU
    Weight: 530 g
    Size: 10,2 × 18 × 5,4 cm
    Current: 2,0Ah