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Butterfly Grids 5020x20ft (5,90x5,90m)

Partno: DOP-B2020W50
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DoPchoice Butterfly Grids

NO TUMMY: Always tight
Conventional grids always droop when used upside down. DoPchoice butterfly grids are even upside down tighly stretched.

NO WEAROUT: Extremely durable
Strips of conventional grids are just sticked together. Louver easily gets damaged. For DoPchoice butterfly grids we use specially developed robust cloth which keeps the grid stable. The strips are neatly sewn.

One minute setup in combination with foldaway frame, Grid and a diffusion textile to an Avenger Foldaway Frame and take it with you collapsed. At the shooting location it’ll take you less than a minute to set it up. DoPchoice even offers a special bag for a safe and comfortable transport.

Simple installation
Conventional grids are time-consuming to setup. Thanks to especially developed brackets DoPchoice butterfly grids are very simple to install.

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