Clock package

Partno: AC-P7014-0002
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Clock package

The Autocue Clock package displays tally, time and camera number to presenters. It mounts beneath the teleprompter monitor for easy reference and its brightness can be set to make sure its easy to view.

The clock can receive timecode from both LTC and NTP sources, and includes controls to configure tally colour and camera ID. If the Clock is being used with the Autocue Tally light its possible to daisy-chain power and tally trigger between the two units

Note: if youre planning to add this package to an Explorer Teleprompter youll need to purchase a clock/tally light PSU (P7014-5000).

Included items

  • Included items:
    - Clock
    - Tally sensor
    - RJ12-RJ45 power cable
    - RJ45 power/data cable
    - Mounting bracket


  • Specification:
    Timecode sources:LTC, NTP
    Display:8-digit, 7-segment display with am/pm indicator
    Display modes:timecode, count-up, count-down, tally ID (camera number)
    Tally colours:Red/Green
    Brightness levels:5
    Power Input:12V DC, PoE
    Tally trigger:Contact closure, optical sensor, slaved to tally light