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DigiBracket (Tripod Mount)

Partno: INV-501-560
SEK 1812


DigiBracket (Tripod Mount)

The DigiBracket is a bracket lets you attach the DigiPlate Pro and DigiPlate Lite directly to the legs of your tripod. Machined from strong and lightweight 6061 aluminum, the bracket keeps your laptop secured and off the ground when you are out shooting solo.

Included items

  • Included items:
    One 3/8-16 x .5" Socket Cap Screw
    2 Pieces 2" x 10.5" Black Gaffe Tape


  • Specification:
    Dimensions: 29,21 × 10,76 × 6,03 cm
    Product Weight: 0,23 kg
    Shipping Weight: 0,45 kg