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Double Rainbow Linear LED Light - Double Kit

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Double Rainbow Linear LED Light - Double Kit

Arrive on set with all the Quasar Science lights and accessories you’ll need in one slim, heavy-duty, water-proof case. High density foam protects every piece in its designated compartment. With a quick glance, you know where everything is, so set-up, wrapping and inventory couldn’t be easier.


Each kit comes with a full set of lights and accessories, plus the addition of Ossium Magnets, Rotators, and Battery Plates. Everything you need for a lighting set up in one place.

Waterproof cases, molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, resist corrosion and impact damage. Each case is gasket-sealed, water and dust tight, and submersible. Standard features include a molded-in hinge, padlock loops, patented trigger release latches, snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle, and automatic ambient pressure equalization, offering maximum protection for your lights.

Each customized compartment is made of water jet cut TopGuard PE Foam, according to Quasar Science’s specifications. The foam’s dense top layer defends against degradation for long lasting protection.

With every part of the kit having a designated compartment, wrapping is easy and keeping inventory can be done with a simple visual survey. The slender case has a small footprint for travel and storage.

Carry or wheel the kit anywhere you need to go, even on a plane.

With bonus Ossium Magnets, Battery Plates and Rotators, the kits offer the biggest bang for the buck.

With a maximum total AC draw of under 200 watts, any single outlet will satisfy your power needs. And of course, there is always the option to use batteries.

Small splinter unit, mini-move, EPK, run and gun, no matter what style of filming, one case has it all.

Included items

  • Included items:
    2 - 2ft or 4ft Double Rainbows
    4 - Silicon Bumpers
    2 - Neutrik AC Power Cables
    2 - DC Power Cables
    2 - Ossium Baby Pins
    2 - Ossium Sliders
    2 - Ossium Battery Plates
    2 - Ossium Rotators
    4 - Ossium Magnets
    1 - Accessory Box
    1 - USB-C Drive
    1 - 3/16" Hex L Wrench
    1 - 5/32" Hex L Wrench
    1 - Quick Start Guide
    1 - Double Kit Case


  • Specification:
    Luminous Output: 2: 2,376 lumens / 4: 4,614 lumens
    Wattage: 2: 50W / 4: 100W
    Stock Lens System: 180 Diffused Lens
    AC Input: TRUE1 Connector
    AC Voltage: 120-240V
    DC Input: 4-Pin Push-Pull to PTAP Connector
    DC Voltage: 12-30V
    Control Interface: OnScreen OLED with Manual Controls
    Wired Control Protocols: DMX, Art-Net, sACN
    Wireless Control: Wireless DMX (CRMX), Bluetooth, WiFi
    Dimming: 0-100% Continuous Onboard, 3 Output Levels
    Color System: RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine
    CCT Range: 1,750K - 10,000K
    Maximum Spectral Fidelity: 2250K: SSI[P2250] 91 / 3200K: SSI[P3200] 83 / 5600K: SSI[CIE D5600] 74
    Color Rendition: 2000K TM-30 Rf: 94 / 3200K TM-30 Rf: 93 / 5600K TM-30 Rf: 94
    IP Rating: IP40
    Certifications: ETL, cETL, FCC
    Mounting: Ossium Mounting System, T12 Mounting & Q-Blocks
    LED Lifetime: 25,000 Hours