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Joes Sticky Stuff 12mm x 6.1m

Partno: JS-10101
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Joes Sticky Stuff 12mm x 6.1m

To apply Joe's Sticky Stuff™ simply tear off desired length, firmly place exposed tape onto surface of project and peel off backing paper.
Joe's Sticky Stuff™
adheres very aggressively to some materials such as, but not limited to: paper, laminated plastics, plastic sheeting and certain wallpapers. Care should be used in all sensitive areas where damage may occur.
SECRET TIP!! Leave a little tape sticking beyond the edge of your project. This will give you a "handle" to pull on for removal!

To remove Joe's Sticky Stuff™, simply pull the tape slowly in the direction it was applied. It will shrink right off of the surface leaving no residue or stains!!.

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