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LiteMat Spectrum Four Kit

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LiteMat Spectrum Four Kit

Full Color Capabilities
LiteMat Spectrum can augment its white-light output with color accents. Saturated color can be delicately added with 100 shades of depth. LiteMat Spectrum offers 360 pure accent colors that can be added with 100 shades of saturation.

Kelvin Temperature Adjustment
LiteMat Spectrum is built upon the solid foundation of the Cinema Series color-space found in thousands of existing LiteMat and LiteTile fixtures. LiteGear added red, green, blue, and amber to augment the cinema chips and extend the systems CCT abilities from 2000K to 11,000K. The key here is the amber chip. It is simply not possible to achieve the best white-balanced color without it.

Plus/minus Green
LiteMat Spectrum offers adjustable color correction being of green or magenta hue. Being opposing colors, green is applied to a light when an unwanted magenta cast is present. The opposite is also true, applying magenta when a light produces and undesirable green cast.

Full Spectrum Desaturation
Building from the most accurate white point possible, LiteGear developed a method that uses that white-point as the method of desaturating color. What is the best method of de-saturating a beautiful red, green, or blue chip? The very best full spectrum, color correct, and white-balanced white light color of your choosing.

Included items

  • Included items:
    (1) LiteMat™ Spectrum 4, Head
    (1) LiteMat™ 4 PolySkirt™
    (1) LiteMat™ 4 Diffuser Set, Quarter, Half, and Full “Grid”
    (1) LiteMat™ 4 Parasquare® Louver
    (1) LiteMat™ 4 LiteMount™
    (1) LiteMat™ 4 KitBag™
    (1) LiteDimmer Spectrum™ DC200, 200W DC Ballast
    (1) LitePower™ Supply, 250W
    (1) PDX Head Extension, 25 Feet


  • Specification:
    Dimensions: 23mm × 533mm × 1016 mm
    Weight: 2,9 kg
    Output: 10192 lumens
    LED: LiteMat FOUR includes 864 LEDs of each color. A total of 5184 emitters per fixture.