Micro Softbag

Partno: CS-CSU-BAG
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SEK 4261


Micro Softbag

Protect your Creamsource in a custom softcases.

Simply slung over your shoulder, this hard-wearing softcase features a lightweight, rigid internal shell and generous sized pockets for all your accessories including gel frames, lenses, power supply, remote, barn doors and Snapbag/Snapgrid.

With it’s reinforced lid it can withstand harsh transportation such as air-freight.

Hard wearing Nylon bag with rigid lightweight plastic internal shell
Reinforced zipped lid for hard wearing & easy access
Over shoulder carry strap & side handles for ease of movement
Generous sized internal pockets to fit 1 xMicro Light fixture plus multiple accessories
Flexible Velcro Pocket walls to allow bespoke internal configuration

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