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Node II 4G/3G Multi-mode Module (Global) - USB A

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Node II 4G/3G Multi-mode Module (Global) - USB A

Get exceptional internet connectivity anywhere in the World with the all-new Node II: Teradeks high-performance LTE/4G/3G modem. Node II gives you nearly world wide band coverage and universal cellular SIM card compatibility and set to work with virtually every carrier, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Node II delivers 4x faster download speeds (Max. 600 Mbps) and 3x faster upload speeds (Max. 150 Mbps) than its predecessor. Featuring with 3 mounting options and dual SIM slots (nano & micro SIM adapters included).

Housed in a rugged aluminum chassis thats weather-resistant and durable enough to withstand regular use in the field.

Exceptional Cellular Connectivity
With external high-gain antennas and the industrial-grade Cat. 12 LTE modem, Node II gives you a robust internet connection in the most challenging broadband environments.

Universal Data Band and SIM Support
Node II works with virtually any SIM card, and can operate on most LTE/4G/3G data bands in the world. With dual SIM slots, swap from one provider to another without needing to unplug the Node II. Only one SIM card can be used at a time.

Super Durable and Weather Resistant
Traditional USB modems are easily broken during extended use in the field. Node II solves the durability problem with an aluminum chassis, 3 "-20 mounting options, and a 5-pin locking connector to attach to your Teradek device.

Node II modems are compatible with the following Teradek products:

- Vidiu X
- Vidiu Go
- Wave
- Prism Flex
- Serv 4K
- Cube 600 and 700 Series
- Bond 600 and 700 Series

Included items

  • Included items:
    - 1 x Node II
    - 1 x 5pin Lemo to USB type A male r/a - 12in Cable
    - 1 x SIM Card Holder
    - 1 x Teradek SIM Card - North America
    - 1 x Sticker for Universal Box - Node II
    - 1 x Antenna 2G/3G/4G sma mount
    - 1 x Antenna penta straight sma mount