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OConnor ARRI style 12inch Dovetail Plate

Partno: OC1249-1001
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OConnor ARRI style 12inch Dovetail Plate

The OConnor ARRI style 12" dovetail plate is for connecting ARRI camera bridge plates directly to larger OConnor fluid head platforms.
This 12 inch plate can snap directly into the platform slide release of any OConnor Ultimate 2060, 2065, 2560, 2575 and 120EX fluid head and provides an upper dovetail on which to load ARRI camera bridge plates. It incorporates a new ‘easy-load’ safety latch and provides mounting points for rack gear to be used on OConnor 120ex heads for driving heavy feature film payloads back and forth for accurate balancing.

For connecting ARRI Bridge plates to large OConnor fluid head platforms.

Constructed entirely from aluminium and stainless steel alloys.

Weight - 1.65lb / 0.75kg
Length - 14.5" / 362mm
Height - 0.875" / 22mm
Width - 3.75" / 95mm

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