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RABBIT EARS Rectangular

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RABBIT EARS Rectangular

Dop Choice Rectagular Rabbit Ears for 2x1 LED fixtures.
The RABBIT-EARS® soft box fastening system replaces the heavy and cumbersome speed ring standard for mounting DoPchoice’s SNAPBAG® soft boxes on lighting fixtures. RABBIT-EARS® are so versatile that a single unit can be used to mount on many different LED lighting brands. RABBIT-EARS® allow soft boxes to be mounted firmly in under three minutes. They are available in three form-factors: the RABBIT-EARS Mini for square soft boxes; RABBIT-EAR Rectangular for rectangular soft boxes; and RABBIT-EAR Square for 3’ or 5’ octagonal soft boxes.

Matching Fixtures.
2x Astra/soft 1x1 - needs SREA & SREG
2x Area48 Soft - needs SREG & SREA
Area48 Soft - needs SREG
Creamsource Full
Gemini - needs SREV22
HS Series
Celeb 200 - needs SREKC2
SkyPanel® S60
Velvet 2
Velvet Power 2- needs SREV22

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  • Specification:
    Manufacturers number: SRER
    Mounting System: Duo Pole Fit
    Installed size LWH: 68 70 4 cm
    Installed weight: 1,8kg
    Packed size LWH: 68 38 4cm
    Packed weight: 1,8kg