Red DSMC2 bundle rig

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Red DSMC2 bundle rig

The Pro Bundle Rig from SHAPE is a camera support system designed for the RED DSMC2, WEAPON EPIC-W, SCARLET-W and RAVEN cameras. It includes the REVOLT VCT universal baseplate, a top plate with extendable top handle, and a pair of telescopic handles compatible with ARRI rosettes. All the kit components are made from CNC Machined aluminum. Both the baseplate, as well as the top plate, feature a magnet compartment for Allen key storage.

Revolt BP10 - VCT universal baseplate (BP10)
The REVOLT VCT Universal Baseplate (BP10) offers a unique design, created for both amateur and professional filmmakers seeking camera supports & stabilizers of high-quality. It features a front to back sliding plate allowing quick positioning of your camera accessories for an optimal adjustment of your camera’s center of gravity and weight distribution. It is designed with 2 standard Arri rosettes for handles mount and there is a standard quick release adapter plate compatible with most VCT tripod plate. There is also a protective rubber pads on top of the plate to protect your camera. Two 15 mm lightweight rod blocs can be fixed to the front and rear of the baseplate, allowing you to install more camera accessories. It comes with 2 pairs of 15 mm rods (8"and 4") made of reliable aluminum coated with a clear finish. The safety ratchet knobs are built in a way to apply an optimal pressure to the rods. The thick shoulder pad produces maximum comfort and is made of gel padding and slip-free material. The baseplate is also designed with a sophisticated tool box to store your extra screws and Allen key. Quick access to your extra screws and Allen key can be a time saver, even more so, when you are in the middle of a shoot. The shoulder plate is equipped with 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes allowing extra screws to be stored and there is a magnet at the back to attach your Allen key.

Front to back sliding plate for quick positioning of your camera accessories and an optimal adjustment of your camera’s weight distribution.
Match your camera’s optical center. Being able to adjust the height of your rod bloc to match your camera’s optical center is exactly what you can do.
Comfortable and moveable shoulder pad made of slip-free material and gel padding (BP-0100).
Front and rear 15 mm lightweight rod blocs with 2 pairs of 15 mm rods (8", 4") to mount more camera accessories.
Safety pins prevents the upper plate from sliding.
Ratchet knob applies an optimal pressure to the rods.
Sophisticated tool box to store your extra screws and Allen key

Compatible with the following cameras:

Arri (Amira and Alexa Mini)
Sony (Venice, FS7, FS7M2, F5, F55, EX1, EX3)
Canon (C200, C300, C300M2, C700)
Panasonic (EVA1, Cinema Varicam LT 4k S35, Panasonic Ag-af100, Panasonic Ag-af101 Varicam LT, Panasonic P2)
Blackmagic (Ursa Mini)
and many other camera models with interchangeable lenses

Red DSMC2 shim plate for Arri standard bridge plate 15/19 mm studio (RSPA)
The SHAPE RED DSMC2 Shim Plate for ARRI Standard Bridge Plate is made from CNC machined aluminum and enables you to mount your RED DSMC2 camera—such as the Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Dragon, Monstro, Helium, or Gemini—onto a 15 or 19 mm studio bridge plate and maintain the industry-standard 85 mm distance from lens center to rod center. This distance allows your rod-mounted accessories, such as follow focus units and matte boxes, to work properly with your RED camera. The plate features five threaded camera mounting holes, enabling you to mount your camera forward of back-of-center of the plate, and providing additional adjustment that comes in handy when balancing the system. Two included captive 3/8"-16 tie-down screws travel with the plate and wont fall out when the camera is not mounted on the plate. Four rubber pads on the top of the plate help cushion your camera, holding it secure. The machined plate ensures the correct lens center-to-rod center height when mounting your RED DSMC2 camera on a standard ARRI compatible 15 or 19 mm studio bridge plate. The rubber pads allow you to mount your camera onto the plate while avoiding metal-to-metal contact between your camera and the plate.

Red DSMC2 top plate extendable handle EVF mount (THRWE)
The view finder bracket arm is designed with SHAPE patented push-button technology, allowing you to quickly adjust the position of your view finder. The top plate and top handle are designed to give you a solid and comfortable grip for the manipulation of your RED camera. The top plate is specifically designed to be attached on the top of the RED camera. and is designed with built-in threaded holes to quickly mount many camera accessories to it. The center of the top plate is designed to perfectly insert and mount the top handle that you can strongly attach with an Allen key. The Extendable & Sophisticated Camera Top Handle is designed with a socket to attach a 15 mm rod clamp (15CTH), perfect to insert the view finder bracket arm (THRWE). The handle grip frame is made from robust CNC machined aluminum and the finger grip is made from genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort. You can quickly adjust and lock the handle length for an extension of approximately 3 inches from its original position in order to optimize the balance of your camera to your lens type. The top handle also features six threaded holes perfect to attach and manipulate more camera accessories like our Push-Button arm (RPB2A).

15 mm 8" rods (15TUBE8)
Pair of 15 mm rods 8" long that fit studio and LWS 15 mm rod clamps, allowing you to use available rod mounted accessories. The rods are machined from hollow aluminum tubes and feature chamfered ends that make it easier to insert into 15 mm rod clamps, even if the rod isnt perfectly aligned or is at a slight angle to the rod clamp.

15 mm 4" rods (15TUBE4)
This pair of SHAPE 15 mm Aluminum Rods (4") connect into your camera rig, extend it, and let you add various SHAPE and third-party accessories compatible with 15 mm rods. With these two rods and with a few fundamental accessories, you can most certainly even begin building your own rig from scratch. The rods are each 15 mm in diameter, 4 inches long, hollow, non-threaded, and made of reliable aluminum coated with a clear finish.

Included items

  • Included items:
    (1) TOP PLATE
    (1 pair) 15 MM ROD 4"
    (1 pair) 15 MM ROD 8"


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