Red DSMC2 top plate extendable handle

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Red DSMC2 top plate extendable handle

The top plate and top handle are designed to give you a solid and comfortable grip for the manipulation of your RED camera. The top plate is specifically designed to be attached on the top of the RED camera. and is designed with built-in threaded holes to quickly mount many camera accessories to it. The center of the top plate is designed to perfectly insert and mount the top handle that you can strongly attach with an Allen key. The Extendable & Sophisticated Camera Top Handle is designed with a socket to attach a 15 mm rod clamp (15CTH), perfect to insert the view finder bracket arm (THRWE). The handle grip frame is made from robust CNC machined aluminum and the finger grip is made from genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort. You can quickly adjust and lock the handle length for an extension of approximately 3 inches from its original position in order to optimize the balance of your camera to your lens type. The top handle also features six threaded holes perfect to attach and manipulate more camera accessories like our Push-Button arm (RPB2A).

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    (1) TOP PLATE


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    Dimensions: 22,23 × 9,53 × 8,26 cm