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Snapbag AIRGLOW 2x1 Booklight

Partno: DOP-SBAG21
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SEK 15514


Snapbag AIRGLOW 2x1 Booklight

AIRGLOW inflates quickly and easily affixes to the front of the LED panel. Installation is as simple as looping the anti-spill cover over the fixture and snapping the buckles closed on the two adjustable straps. Unlike a typical front-facing soft box, AIRGLOW creates a 45° triangular bounce, with the back wall forming the hypotenuse angle to push light out the perpendicular side. Once outfitted with the AIRGLOW, an LED panel transforms to offer a bigger, super soft source, without a hard defined shadow.

Fits on almost every 2x1 LED Fixture including inflatable Tube Structur and Pillow, 3 Diffusions (MAGIC CLOTH, Half and Full Grid Cloth) 2x Side, Back & Bottom covers of Ultrabounce, 1x Inlay Hard Silver and carrybag with dust cover.

The AIR Pump is not included

Included items

  • Included items:
    - SNAPBAG Booklight
    - Diffusions
    - Side and Back cover
    - Inlay
    - Carrybag


  • Specification:
    Installed size:   118 x 82 x 14 cm
    Weight:   1kg