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SnapBag OCTA 5 for Rabbit Ears

Partno: DOP-SBRO5
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SnapBag OCTA 5 for Rabbit Ears

Dop Choice Snapbag OCTA 5 for use with Rabbit Ears, specially designed for the new soft LED panel lighting fixtures. Even without a baffle they deliver even illumination across the front.

Included items

  • Included items:
    1 Front Diffuser
    Baffle and Carry Bag


  • Specification:
    Manufacturers number: SBRO5
    Mounting System: Duo Pole Fit
    Installed size LWH: 155 155 63cm
    Installed weight: 2,06kg
    Packed size LWH: 105 27 10cm
    Packed weight: 2,3kg