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System 18 S2 ENG 2 MCF - Sachtler

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System 18 S2 ENG 2 MCF - 100mm - Mid-level Spreader

With Touch & Go plate for fast set up.

The Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head & ENG 2 CF Tripod System comprises of the Video 18 S2 head, ENG 2 CF carbon fiber tripod legs, mid-level spreader, set of three rubber feet, and a padded bag. The fluid head has a payload capacity of 2 to 22 kg with support for DSLR setups, ENG, and digital cinema cameras. It offers sixteen steps of counterbalance and seven steps of pan and tilt drag, along with locks for each axis. The head is packed with features such as temperature resistance, a Touch & Go quick release camera plate, parking positions for spare camera screws, and an illuminated leveling bubble.

The fluid head attaches to the dual-stage tripod via a 100mm bowl interface. With the head attached, the tripod offers a height adjustment of 67 to 168cm and collapses to 89cm. The mid-level spreader and rubber feet hold the tripod legs in position, providing rigidity and stability. The tripod system packs into the padded bag for easy transportation.

Included items

  • Included items:
    Video 18 S2 Fluid Head
    ENG 2 CF Tripod
    Mid-level Spreader 100/150
    Rubber Feet 100/150
    Padded Bag ENG 2
    Speedlevel Clamp


  • Specification:
    Fluidhead: Video 18 S2.
    Tripod: ENG 2 CF.
    Load Capacity: 2-22kg.
    System Weight: 8,1kg.
    Height Range: 67-168cm.
    Transport Length: 89cm.

    Fluidhead: Video 18 S2
    Camera Plate: Touch & Go 16.
    Tripod Fitting: 100mm.
    Payload Capacity: 2-22kg.
    Weight: 4,1kg.
    Counterbalance: 16 steps + boost button.
    Pan / Tilt Drag: 7 steps + zero.
    Panbar: Type Plus right.
    Sliding Balance Plate Travel: 120mm.
    Tilt Range: +90 (lens down) to -70 (lens up).
    Leveling Bubble: Illuminated.
    Operating Temperature: -40 to +60 C.

    Tripod Legs: ENG 2 CF
    Head Fitting: 100mm.
    Payload Capacity: 0-40kg.
    Height Range: 46-155cm.
    Weight: 2,6kg.
    Construction: 2 stages, 3 extensions.
    Material: Carbon Fiber.
    Spreader: Mid-level Spreader
    Transport Length: 70cm.