Since its’ founding in 1996 by Manfred N Klemme, K-Tek has been supporting the audio world with innovative tools to make the job of the sound engineer and boom operator just a bit smoother. With a passion for audio, Manfred’s first mission was to design and manufacture a line of U.S.made boom poles that were both lightweight yet super strong and so audio friendly that folks took notice. Mission accomplished. In 1999 K-Tek won a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Klassic Boom Pole. Since then, K-Tek has earned a slew of other awards and the reputation of making an array of elegantly designed and beautifully constructed,audio-centric products.

  • Art. no. K-Tek-KP9CCR
    7 451 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-KP16CCR
    9 544 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-KP12CCR
    8 361 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-KEG54
    2 323 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-KEG88CC
    4 136 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-KMBC1
    1 115 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-K6NN
    390 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-K4NN
    390 SEK
  • Art. no. K-Tek-K123CCR
    6 952 SEK